Our History

The law office Florina García and Associates was founded by Florina García in Oviedo in 1990, at the beginning of 2007 it was named Florina García, Roces, Albo, Roca, García y Prado.

The law office is run by Florina García, currently employ eight qualified lawyers with experience in all branches of law and a legal adviser.

The law firm is up-to-date and equipped with the latest technology, which maximises the use of human resources. This offers the client the best possible service and a saving of both time and money. The law office also has a bi-lingual secretary



Florina García and Associates is a member of various National and International law Associations. In this way our clients can be sure of qualified lawyers within Spain and all over the world. We can also offer counsel in any of the 50 states of America, allowing the client to carry out business deals, including among others, property investment in USA The Law office of Florina García and Associates also has links with important South American Law firms thereby offering the client counsel in the countries of South America.